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Organic Rose Day Spa
South Orange, NJ   

Hair Be Gone Services
  Removal of unwanted hair with the use of organic wax
Brow Styling 25
  Cleanup and Design of Brows
Lip 10
 Get rid of upper peach fuzz
Chin 15
  Get rid of lower peach fuzz
Under Arm 20
   Raise your arms with pride
Half Arm 25
   Hair free from risk to elbow
Full Arm 35
    No need for long sleeves
Half Leg 50
    Hair free from knees to toes
Full Leg 65
   Break out your short shorts
Back 75
  Bring your sexy back
Brazil Tweenie 75
   Clean up of bikini with Brazilian edges
Brazilian Stripe 85
    Signature Brazilian with famous line
All the way to Rio 100
   Full on Brazilian
Carnival colors  135
   Color your hair down there natural or fun
Shapes of Love 150
 Get creative with your hair designs from hearts to stars
V~Dazzel 50 add on
    Make your Va jay jay sparkle with jewel designs in monogram or fun shapes

Above and Beyond Facial Treatments
Our customized facials go above and beyond the scope of your basic treatment. Facials at Organic rose are innovative and provide advanced technology to bring you healthy skin and long lasting results with the use of various modalities such as enhanced exfoliation techniques, ultrasonic, LED and Micro current technologies. Our Organic product line has something for every skin type weather you need a deep cleansing treatment or just want your radiant skin to glow again the possibilities are endless with Organic Rose™ custom treatments.

Facial Extraordinaire 65
 Relax your body and refresh your skin with an extraordinary treatment that will soothe, rejuvenate and nourish your skin with the incredible sensations and euphoric aromas. It is the magic of hands, superior product, and ambiance that sets the tone for any amazing facial making it an experience to remember 

Detox Facial treatment 75
An herbal based treatment that uses oregano based cleanser and gomage exfoliation. Combining the use of poly peptides and Alpha hydroxy Acids help create a unique healing paste that destroys toxin sand purifies skin. natural anti bacterial serums aid in the clearing of blemishes and deeply cleanses the skin.

Cool Facial 75
This facial is designed to calm protect and hydrate overly sensitive skin. The facial begins with gentle oatmeal based cleanser, and a micro rice bran exfoliant. a stress relief neck and shoulder massage is performed while our cool seaweed masque is applied to close pores and minimize redness.

Pores no more 80
Give your skin a breath of fresh air with the application of oxygen. Without oxygen skin begins to appear dull and lifeless. By gently removing dirt and oil build up and with a gentle enzyme exfoliation. And a custom clay masque to absorb impurities black heads and pores will be no more.

Skin Fit Facial Treatment 85
Give your skin the workout it deserves! Tighten jowls minimize pores and lift the eyes with our custom blend of potent peptides, amino acids, vitamins, and herbs. Boost collagen support with micro resurfacing and encouraging skin elasticity with our royal jelly masque. This treatment is sure to whip your skin back into shape.

I’m Glowing Facial 95
This vitamin enriched facial, is a double infusion of vitamin C and E serums. Diamond peeling rid skin of dead skin cells and helps bring much needed oxygen to dry dull skin reducing pigmentation and brighting skin tone.

Facial Restore 110(series available)
Put your best face forward and start fighting and preventing acne flare-ups. Our acne treatment facial uses ultrasonic technology to clear skin of blackheads and whiteheads. LED blue light therapy is used to calm the skin.  A medical grade peel is applied to aid in the removal of pigmentation. Best results are seen with a continuation of treatments and the continued use of home care products.

See Spots Run 125
A treatment to rid skin of dark spots, and  age spots. a clear and even complexion can be achieved  by using the great combination of fruit  based peels for brightening and the Microdermabrasion resurfacing. we remove the first layer of dead dry skin and make the pigment rise to the surface. LED yellow light therapy targets the pigment and prevents it from
darkening. A series of treatments are recommended for the best results along with the continued use of home care.

4 Layers of luxury   145
Enjoy layer upon layer of skin nourishment. Our 4-layer facial a rich anti-aging caviar cleanser 24k gold serum and pure European seaweed masque that freezes wrinkles in its traps and a second thermo masque is used to keep cells actively working and ensure a tone and tightened facial appearance.

Better than Botox 155
Finally a natural alternative treatment to Botox! Ultrasonic lifting technology is used along with the penetrating effects of Iontopheresies to push our customized hydrating serums into the skin. A collagen masque is then applied to restore skins natural moisture. A second layer of a thermo heated masque is used to help keep away wrinkles. All under the use of our LED red therapy treatment to insure wrinkles stay away for the next 3 to 4 weeks.

 Bright Eyes 40
This express eye treatment will make dark under eye circles disappear, and reduce puffiness. Gentle green tea cleanser and liquorice root extract penetrate into your skin with our lymphatic eye massage. A Collagen eye masque is used which will guarantee to make your eyes pop!

Pineapple Express 50
 Happy hour can be any hour of the day with this express facial. Skin is awakened and refreshed with triple antioxidant cleanser that targets dehydration and removes free radical damage and boost dull skin

Get your sexy back 65
This Back treatment is like a deep pore facial but on your back. Our gentle back cleanse(r)? gets those hard to reach areas. Exfoliation and vitamin E serums are ideal for dark spots on the back. While our organic clay masque helps heal any traces of back acne. After this invigorating treatment you’re sure to have your sexy back.

Pretty Hands 35
Our anti-aging hand treatment starts with a gentle scrub to soften hands an anti-aging serum is massaged on to hands to rid of wrinkles and hands are dipped in warm paraffin to soothe sore muscles followed by a gold masque to brighten hands of scars and sun spots. And last is a silk moisturizer to keep hands silky smooth

Mini Diva Day 165
 Perfect for Divas who are in need of time to relax and unwind, but may fall short on time. Our mini treatments will have you feel like you’ve just been transported to another world. With our custom facial extraordinaire treatment geared to meet all of your skins concerns and our signature pretty hands treatment which is sure to relax tired hand muscles. Enjoy our warm stone shoulder neck and scalp massage.

Full Diva Day 185
Start your day off like true Diva and be taken away with our and signature 4-layers of luxury facial. Enjoy a warm stone neck and shoulder massage and paraffin foot masque to sooth sore soles. And have younger smoother hands with our enticing pretty hands treatment. Complete your Diva day the application of our glamour’s day pretty makeup applicantion.

Hi! Pretty Beauty Treatments

Feel prettier than ever with our Hi!  Beauty Treatments.  Best known for helping you bring out that inner Diva, and making you look and feel glamorous. The use of healthy mineral makeup is custom blended to enhance your skin and show off your prettiest assets. Pretty treatments aren’t just all about makeup. Spend a day like a feeling like royalty with fuller lashes or flawless anti aging hand treatments. Possibilities are endless, with Hi! Pretty treatments. so what are you waiting for Pretty let’s get started!
Wow Browz! 35
Tint your brows to get them noticeable again, and a Great choice for hiding gray hairs.  Now you can finally throw away your pencil sharpener.
Wow Lashes! 45
Tint your lashes and throw away your mascara! No more raccoon eyes from crying. Lash tinting is the perfect way to add depth and deffintion to your lashes
Voulumizing Extensions 35
Add length to your lashes with natural eyelash extension we use high-end quality lashes that adhere to your own lashes for longevity.
Rainbow Bright 45
Experiment with colored eyelashes add a hint of blue to open up eyes or red lashes for a daring dramatic look all colors of the rainbow are available for your pretty lashes
Luscious Lashes 65
Get fuller longer lashes with faux mink lashes that are sure to make your eyes look big and beautiful
Eye Curl 80
 Back away from the eye lash curler for good! And save room in your makeup bag. Our Chemical nfree eyelash perming technique is sure to get you from plain straight to curly sue in no time
Can’t take my eyes off you 70
Embrace your inner pretty and make your eyes the center of attention with our perfect smoky eye. Choose from our traditional black smoked look or add a touch of color to draw attention to your eyes.
A Pretty Awsosme Day! 85
Start your day off pretty with a complete face makeup application for daytime wear. Our Organic conceler evens skin tone and hides blemishes while our application of mineral powder provides your skin with a flawless finish.  Bronzer and blush redefine your cheeks and lip color applied to brighten your smile. Choose from an array of highly pigmented natural minieral eye shadows to complete your look and make your day pretty awesome!
A Very Pretty Evening! 95
Make your evening just as pretty as you. With our full face mineral airbush -makeup application your skin will be completely flawess. Long lasting lip wear is applied for those good night kisses. Orgasmic color will fill your cheeks.  And smoky eyes in any color are a must with just a tiny hint of voulumizer lashes you’re sure to keep all eyes on you.
Pretty Bride 175
 Become your fantasy bride with total makeup application.  Airbrush mineral makeup is applied to give your skin a flawless finish.  The choice is yours to add depth to your eyes with mink or voulmizing lash extensions. Eye shadows of your choice are welcomed to make your eyes the center of attention. Smudge proof lipstick completes your look and is sure to make you a pretty bride.

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